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Some days.......


Some days I wonder if what I do is worthwhile 

You know, those periods just sitting about wondering about your life 

Yes it gives me immense pleasure but, does anyone really follow what I do, does anyone get inspired ?

Then you go online and check what people say on the reviews section of my website and......well......I get blown away 

Here are the 4 most recent ones and as for being inspired.......what more can a man wish for

1. i was wondering about trips this summer and the isle of man,ireland and germany were up there,.then i came across kevin and this book of his and i thought, the lakes are 60 miles up thee road from me,, and thats where im heading,,the book itself is very nicely presented,well written with great photos and the map and video are a great feature. i think that the best part is kevins enthusiasm,,,it just screams at you ,,,,get out this summer an do it,,,,

2. I ordered the book after watching a few of kevins videos on his you tube channel .I follow him on this and his facebook page,I was taken by his vast knowledge of the areas he was traveling in and his jolly clear telling of his personal memories of the areas.Let me tell you the book definitely does not disappoint its brilliant if this doesn't make you want to get off your backside and visit some of the places he takes you to then i dont know what will. its clear precise and easy to follow the extras make a lot of difference.well done kevin Now get on with a book for northumberland and a scotland it would be much appreciated by this biker

3. I saw an advert for Kevin's book on Facebook and ordered online, it arrived within day's and Kevin even messaged me to let me know it was posted and on it's way. All I can say is what a great read, I am between bikes at the moment and looking to purchase my first touring bike and Kevin's book just makes me want to get out and explore and I like the way there are video's available online that compliment the book and show Kevin's passion with the work that he does. I can't wait to get hold of his book on Wales when he produces it! Thank's for all your hard work Kevin, keep it up!

4. Lovingly written adventure guide to an area Kevin obviously adores, with beautiful photographs and inspiring ideas. What makes it an absolute must are the wonderful videos which take you into the heart of the countryside in the company of Kevin's infectious enthusiasm and just make you want to get on yer bike and go experience it first hand. Thanks Kevin and well done!

Thank you so much chaps 



Have you ever been.............
Is it okay ?


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Monday, 09 December 2019
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