Well I finally went and did it..........

For a couple of years now I have been a big believer in digital publications - they can offer links to videos, and other information BUT you do not get that touchy feely aspect as in, you don't get something for your money with digital 

Now only did I think a few years ago that digital would be the death of print, there was no way on earth I would ever return to print and the problems, anxiety and hassle of doing so

However........I was starting to listen to people asking me to produce my videos on DVD (I can't recall the last time I watched a DVD). Was this really a good choice ?

I asked around and discovered a lot of people don't even own a DVD player anymore so that option was becoming less and less interesting 

I started to look at my printed guidebooks that I stopped producing back in 2003 and my curiosity was set fire to

What about....................!!

Now, my main issue was people were watching films on their mobile devices, well I sure was and my son never has his mini iPad more than 6 inches away being glued to it permanently 

Not only that, but, I tried to author a DVD with all my content I wished to include and the quality was very......................shall we say interesting !

On mobiles devices however you could watch my films in super HD and on Vimeo.com they were even better quality 

So................I was being told my stories were liked, my videos where liked.........EUREKA !

So the decision was taken and now the very first MotorBike Adventures of Britain printed guidebook has been produced and the feedback has been far better than I could ever imagine 

Have a look for yourself http://motorbikeadventuresofbritain.co.uk/index.php/free-cumbria-the-lake-district-motorbike-touring-e-guide 

Not only can you ride everything I showcase in my guidebook, but you can do it all in a car too 

This is the start of something that is following trends worldwide.......printed book sales are rising once more and I believe will sky rocket again because digital has no 'soul'.............even vinyl records are making a comeback because we want 'soul' for our hard earned money 

Have a look and let me help you discover & explore Cumbria & The Lake District and have your best adventure EVER

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