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Dear Person...........white, black, yellow, pink, brown or see through....... I do not care what colour your skin is, what religion you pray to, or for that matter where you live on this planet

My mission.........should I choose to accept it 

To 'entertain you' through words, pictures, video, radio, screen or printed page in fact my greatest and biggest dream would be to have a film shown at a cinema !

It is hard to describe what I want to do, in fact I would go as far as to say, even thinking about it excites me so much it is frightening 

To sit here and contemplate what I am actually capable of frightens the god damn hell out of me

Be it by motorbike, car, 4x4, plane, train, bus or boat in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, India, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Vietnam or the centre of mongolia wearing flip flops (pilf polf is german for flip flop) I have a massive desire to go to these places and attempt to entertain you with stories, filsm and pictures from my journey 

It has taken many years of wondering what I want to do in my world and the wars that have been going on in my head have been biblical, however, I now believe I have had to go through this journey to end up where I am right now 

I have been producing stuiff via my motorbike/s; mostly in pain.....not a lot of pain but enough to have it tapping on my shoulder making sure I can feel its arrival 

I had a flash if the blinding obvious early today which father died at 76, my mother at 70, my grandparents basically around the same time, however my mothers sister is 74 and puts me to shame with her boundless enthisiasm for life and it an absolute inspiration to me

What is the point I am trying to make, well it is this, I may have 18 years remaining to entertain you 

I have been hung up on what mode of transport to use but again a realisation is that it doesnt matter what I get about on does it !

I want, for as long as I can, to write, photograph, film, tell stories, share discoveries, inspire you to break free for your 4 walls and explore with me through my journey 

Is it okay to entertain you in this mad world we live in ?

Kevin J. Lear
A 58 year old version of ME !


Some days.......


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Monday, 09 December 2019
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