Every day I wake up my mind thinks of a million reasons to change what I am doing 

It is not easy to ride an area, to video and talk at the same time about interesting facts........I have to get it right the first time because while riding there are no second 'takes'

Then I look at my motorbike clothing lying there and I smile because it makes me feel fantastic, putting my suit on makes me feel on top of the world.......in fact I would like to ride the world and film the ride, write about the ride and share the ride with the world 

Putting on my trousers followed by my jacket it is hard to explain how my mindset changes, how my whole stature changes and how my thoughts change to what lies ahead 

It is the strangest feeling in the world for me and I do not understand why these changes take place

I do not question them I allow them to take place and maybe it is because the suit is my suit of armour

I am so lucky to be able to do what I do 

Photo on 05 03 2017 at 09.54