Have you ever been inspired, I mean really inspired ?

Watched something, read something or even heard something that has made you go.......right, that's it, I'm going to ???????

I read, funnily enough after watching the series, 'long way round' with Pinky & Perky (McGregor and Boorman) and whilst reading the book I could feel the inspiration whelling up inside of me to the point that in 2009 MotorBikeTV was born......following that a number of people put TV after there business name.......nice to be copied I guess 

Off I went and started, what so far has been, an incredible journey 

The feeling I get when I even think about going on Beyonce (my bike) is hard to explain, but for those who know what I mean it's just wierd 

I am very close to packing my bags and just heading off into the sunset making sure I have enough 'belly bags' to poo in, enough Insulin to stay alive and enough money for 12 months 

At 58 and only 7 months from 59 I best get my mind into gear, 1 down 5 up, and pack a kit bag :-)

So let the planning begin :-) 

If you have any suggestions, suggest away :-) 

Kevin J. Lear
Top Class Fruitcake