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Dear Person...........white, black, yellow, pink, brown or see through....... I do not care what colour your skin is, what religion you pray to, or for that matter where you live on this planet

My mission.........should I choose to accept it 

To 'entertain you' through words, pictures, video, radio, screen or printed page in fact my greatest and biggest dream would be to have a film shown at a cinema !

It is hard to describe what I want to do, in fact I would go as far as to say, even thinking about it excites me so much it is frightening 

To sit here and contemplate what I am actually capable of frightens the god damn hell out of me

Be it by motorbike, car, 4x4, plane, train, bus or boat in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, India, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Vietnam or the centre of mongolia wearing flip flops (pilf polf is german for flip flop) I have a massive desire to go to these places and attempt to entertain you with stories, filsm and pictures from my journey 

It has taken many years of wondering what I want to do in my world and the wars that have been going on in my head have been biblical, however, I now believe I have had to go through this journey to end up where I am right now 

I have been producing stuiff via my motorbike/s; mostly in pain.....not a lot of pain but enough to have it tapping on my shoulder making sure I can feel its arrival 

I had a flash if the blinding obvious early today which father died at 76, my mother at 70, my grandparents basically around the same time, however my mothers sister is 74 and puts me to shame with her boundless enthisiasm for life and it an absolute inspiration to me

What is the point I am trying to make, well it is this, I may have 18 years remaining to entertain you 

I have been hung up on what mode of transport to use but again a realisation is that it doesnt matter what I get about on does it !

I want, for as long as I can, to write, photograph, film, tell stories, share discoveries, inspire you to break free for your 4 walls and explore with me through my journey 

Is it okay to entertain you in this mad world we live in ?

Kevin J. Lear
A 58 year old version of ME !


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Some days.......


Some days I wonder if what I do is worthwhile 

You know, those periods just sitting about wondering about your life 

Yes it gives me immense pleasure but, does anyone really follow what I do, does anyone get inspired ?

Then you go online and check what people say on the reviews section of my website and......well......I get blown away 

Here are the 4 most recent ones and as for being inspired.......what more can a man wish for

1. i was wondering about trips this summer and the isle of man,ireland and germany were up there,.then i came across kevin and this book of his and i thought, the lakes are 60 miles up thee road from me,, and thats where im heading,,the book itself is very nicely presented,well written with great photos and the map and video are a great feature. i think that the best part is kevins enthusiasm,,,it just screams at you ,,,,get out this summer an do it,,,,

2. I ordered the book after watching a few of kevins videos on his you tube channel .I follow him on this and his facebook page,I was taken by his vast knowledge of the areas he was traveling in and his jolly clear telling of his personal memories of the areas.Let me tell you the book definitely does not disappoint its brilliant if this doesn't make you want to get off your backside and visit some of the places he takes you to then i dont know what will. its clear precise and easy to follow the extras make a lot of difference.well done kevin Now get on with a book for northumberland and a scotland it would be much appreciated by this biker

3. I saw an advert for Kevin's book on Facebook and ordered online, it arrived within day's and Kevin even messaged me to let me know it was posted and on it's way. All I can say is what a great read, I am between bikes at the moment and looking to purchase my first touring bike and Kevin's book just makes me want to get out and explore and I like the way there are video's available online that compliment the book and show Kevin's passion with the work that he does. I can't wait to get hold of his book on Wales when he produces it! Thank's for all your hard work Kevin, keep it up!

4. Lovingly written adventure guide to an area Kevin obviously adores, with beautiful photographs and inspiring ideas. What makes it an absolute must are the wonderful videos which take you into the heart of the countryside in the company of Kevin's infectious enthusiasm and just make you want to get on yer bike and go experience it first hand. Thanks Kevin and well done!

Thank you so much chaps 



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Have you ever been.............



Have you ever been inspired, I mean really inspired ?

Watched something, read something or even heard something that has made you go.......right, that's it, I'm going to ???????

I read, funnily enough after watching the series, 'long way round' with Pinky & Perky (McGregor and Boorman) and whilst reading the book I could feel the inspiration whelling up inside of me to the point that in 2009 MotorBikeTV was born......following that a number of people put TV after there business name.......nice to be copied I guess 

Off I went and started, what so far has been, an incredible journey 

The feeling I get when I even think about going on Beyonce (my bike) is hard to explain, but for those who know what I mean it's just wierd 

I am very close to packing my bags and just heading off into the sunset making sure I have enough 'belly bags' to poo in, enough Insulin to stay alive and enough money for 12 months 

At 58 and only 7 months from 59 I best get my mind into gear, 1 down 5 up, and pack a kit bag :-)

So let the planning begin :-) 

If you have any suggestions, suggest away :-) 

Kevin J. Lear
Top Class Fruitcake 


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Do you feel like this too.........

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You may have done this too, but I woke up this morning with a thought in my mind

The thought was.......the mind is not produced to give you success it is produced to make you think about make sure you survive 

Hence the 'fear' instinct 

  • What if i did this and it did not work out 
  • What if this bad thing happened 
  • What if it really worked out it might change me from my 'comfort zone'

It is a strange feeling that every morning to wake up and think 'what if I don't achieve my dreams today' and it drives me nuts 

I am in a very lucky position because I have lived alone, without anyrelationship whatsoever, since 2001.......after my life saving surgery. So thsi means I can do what I want, when I want, with who I want (if anyone), for as long as I want 

What a fantastic position to be in......but I also have an inbuilt computer that says "just stay with what you know" and do you know what I am sick of it 

I am sick of doing the same shit day in day out.......even though I ride my motorbike, make films, take photographs, tell stories and live the life most people dream of it is not all sunshine and rainbows 

You may have had similar thoughts, in fact I am sure you have

Well, sports is time to change what I have been doing and follow that feeling, to follow that gut feeling that makes me feel sick with anxiety (or is it excitement)

I cannot drive tipper trucks until my days end as I might as well find a high bridge and try to fly now !

I cannot keep doing the same shit every day - wake up, inject insulin, breakfast, wash, change bag, brush teeth, dress, check internet for remarks from people I have never met, do my days work, return home, inject insulin, dinner of something that hopefully wont make me fatter, check internet, watch TV, go to bed, inject night time insulin and watch TV on iPad, sleep and ...................................fucking repeat........................DIE !

That is not for me - I may be nuts, I may be losing my mind, but if I die at the same age of my father at 76.......that means I have 18 years left, or 6570 days. now let us be clear of those 18 years 11 of them are after I am 65, so older, less mobile, less fit (if that is possible) and then...............

How the hell do I make a living ....... but more importantly nobody comes to visit me now, so alone, sitting dribbling, smelling of urine waiting in gods waiting room 

Time is running out fass, faster than an out of control fecking steam train that is thundering downhill getting faster and faster with no brakes

I need to change and I need to take control because I am scared to my wits end that I am already dead, I just don't know it !!


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India memories............


The idea - to ride around parts of India, mainly Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh to film, photograph, write stories and share them with the world through a book and DVD 

where do i begin to tell a story of how great an adventure can be…..


The trip to the airport was quite uneventful really as I headed towards Newcastle ready for my flight to Dubai, well, when say uneventful…….that was apart from the tractors cunningly disguised as cars because just about every car we came behind I am sure was pretending to be a tractor due to the speed the coffin dodger was driving at without a care in the world, braking at every bend even though they were doing no more than 30mph, but it was impossible to pass due to the roads and bends…..must confess it drives me nuts that people like this are on our roads.


Arrival at the airport and the queue was astronomical even though the aircraft was due to leave at 1300. Here I was at the end of a queue convinced it would take longer then the 2 hours remaining. A chap stood next to me was also very perplexed as every time he had flown this route by 1100 there was no queue at all…….the wait began……..


Sure enough by noon I was through and heading up the stairs towards…..yes you are ahead of me aren’t you…..another gigantersorus line of people in various levels of undressing as we headed towards the security gates. There were in front of me 5 gates that could happily be used but only 1 operating along with 2 scanners operating . From the queue of people in front and behind me you could almost hear the BAA BAA as we were herded like sheep going to slaughter.


I was dressed in my motorcycle clothing with boots, carrying my helmet and on arrival at the belt of doom I placed everything into the plastic trays and thought I would leave my boots on and see if I could sneak through….”Oi” i heard “you will have to take your boots off” said a cheeky lady, so was taken to one side to undress my feet, to the whisper of “you can take the rest off too if ya fancy”…..”best offer I’ve had today” said I “it is the only one you are getting as well” the cheeky smiling security dolly replied. It made us both laugh and lightened the mood as I explained the boots were worth than me. 


Everything was of course fine and taking my boots and everything from my 3 trays redressed and headed off to the boarding area. This had taken so long so far on arrival at the boarding area it was straight through and onto the aircraft, a Boeing 777, finding my seat I was thrilled to learn that whilst I had an aisle seat there was no one going to be sitting to my right and it was as if someone had undone their belt after a large Sunday dinner to allow for expansion……bliss.


The flight left on time and off up into the sky way above the clouds so high we went and headed for the stop over destination of Dubai and I would like to say at this point the flight was the smoothest I have ever experienced it was as if we where floating on fluffy clouds all the way. I would also like to point out that flying with Emirates has always been pleasant experience especially the distraction of gorgeous girls moving back and forth up the aisles providing thoughts that I thought had long gone !. 


Food was very nice indeed and nothing was to much trouble. Partaking in two films along the way, one being the new ‘legend of Tarzan’, superb story and film very good indeed and the other being an Indris Elba movie who’s name escapes me that just passed the time.


It wasn’t long before “please fasten your safety belts” was announced as we descended to the landing strip with a bounce that whipped the tail left and right as we touched tarmac making the eyebrows raise slightly and onwards to our arrival slot. Then sitting there for what seemed like hours waiting for the stairs to join up and being allowed to disembark. What I do like about travelling with Emirates is there is no panic to get off the aircraft it is all done very calmly with a nod and a wink to the trolley dolls on the way passed to the arrival area.


Walking through arrivals heading towards the next departure lounge with enticing brightly lit shops tempting you to look at their offerings and indeed I did look at some G Shock watches but being unable to work out how much any of them were I moved off very quickly to the food area and thought to myself…….mmmmm I am a tad peckish lets look at what is on offer. My eye was taken by the pizza slices so up I went and chose to partake in the offer of 3 slices, bottle of water and packet of crisps for 65 Durams……surely that can’t be much can it……….’CAN IT’. 


I will have one of those, one of those and oh yes one of those too please, smiling to myself that I was using universal language of point and mutter……..”you do take British pounds, yes?” of course sir was the reply that will be…………..$16…….how much I thought to myself $16…….I didn’t see the highway mans mask when I ordered or the horse tied up on the tree nearby. Then having given a £20 note my change was in Durams……what in gods name am I going to do with bleeding ‘Durams”. Lesson learned so moving on I will not make that mistake again.


The wait before boarding was to be 4 hours 30 minutes but it passed quite quickly enough and onto the aircraft at 0430 to find this time the trip from Dubai to New Delhi was not going to be as comfortable. Being wedged into a seat with no leg room and being sandwiched between the incredible hulk and fecking batman was simply awful. So much so I didn’t even partake in the spicy food offering for breakfast as there was no elbow room whatsoever……talk about a cattle truck and this was also going to take 4 hours……..I was in the deepest of joys I can tell you as Delhi could not come soon enough.


Sure enough it arrived on time shrouded in terrible air quality which was due to a couple of things. Firstly Diwali had just taken place and this festival is a festival of light with fireworks resulting in that many crackers being set off and there being no wind the resulting firework smoke was lingering over the city. Then in addition to this the surrounding states where burning straw in their fields making a toxic combination that all the newspapers and social media are writing about saying things along the lines of children lungs will be as bad as if they had been smoking. The air quality surely made my eyes sting and could ‘taste’ the air too.


Diwali - 

Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, is the most popular of all the festivals from South Asia.

It is also the occasion for celebrations by Jains and Sikhs as well as Hindus. The word Diwali comes from the Sanskrit word deepavali, meaning "rows of lighted lamps". Houses, shops and public places are decorated with small oil lamps called diyas. People also enjoy fireworks and sweets too, so it's really popular with children.

What's it all about?

Hindus celebrate the return of deities Rama and Sita to Ayodhya after their 14-year exile. They also celebrate the day Mother Goddess Durga destroyed a demon called Mahisha.

Sikhs particularly celebrate the release from prison of the sixth guru Hargobind Singh in 1619. But Sikhs celebrated the festival before this date. In fact, the foundation stone of the Golden Temple at Amritsar, the most holy place in the Sikh world, was laid on Diwali in 1577.

The founder of Jainism is Lord Mahavira. During Diwali, Jains celebrate the moment he reached a state called Moksha (nirvana, or eternal bliss).


  • Many lights and oil lamps are lit on the streets and in houses
  • People visit their relatives and have feasts
  • Fireworks and festivities are an essential part of the occasion
  • Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, is worshipped as the bringer of blessings for the new year

I have also heard the air quality issue is not just around Delhi or Gurgaon but as far down as Jaipur. The other result you get is sand in the air that sand blasts your throat area whilst riding so it is important to wear a neck protector and there are some exceptionally good ones from ‘BUFF’


Eventually passing through customs at Delhi airport I must also say that the way they handle everything is superb being very good at their jobs also making it a very pleasant experience. Once passing through you make your way to the conveyor belt and it never seems to take long for your luggage to come through….placed on a trolly and off to get a cab where for 650Rs or INR650 (£8) I would be taken some 25 miles to my hotel for the first part of the adventure. 


Formule 1 hotel in Gurgaon, where I have stayed before and knew what to expect. On arrival they knew I was coming and got booked in quickly and then up to my room on the 7th floor. The rooms are not massive but a good size for 1 person with a super shower always hot and powerful too which I perfect for me with everything in the room you need, including free WiFi.


On arrival I was to make my way to Eagle Rider New Delhi, as they where providing a bike for my companion on this journey, my friend Digvijay, who is a thoroughbred Indian and would be riding a Royal Enfield Himalayan. So we made our way to be greeted by the owner and passionate motorbike rider….. Samar. He has linked in with the brand Eagle Rider who are a worldwide brand offering motorcycle rentals and tours being established for some 25 years. Samar has joined forces with them to offer Harley Davidsons and selection of Triumph and Royal Enfield machines to rent or to use on one of the tours he will run for Rajasthan or Madhya Pradesh, both being somewhat central to India for adventures. He will also be running tours up towards the Himalayas.


There seems to be an explosion of people setting up tours around India, and like everywhere else in the world there are different levels of tours, support, experience etc etc………In India it is no exception where people are thinking because they have a motorbike they can take people on tours. It is the result of an opportunity to make money but for me going on a tour is not just a case of knowing where to go, it is also about the back up, the passion of the owner and knowing you will be taken care of should anything happen. That is what Eagle Rider and Samar offer through Eagle Rider that comfort factor following the way Eagle Rider have done tours for over 20 years is now in India. Let me give you an example……….on a tour there will be a support vehicle, a mechanic, spare motorbike, you can also hire all the clothing you need, the equipment you may need……in other words it is being done right and that is worth its weight in gold.


For me I am riding a Triumph Tiger XCA being supplied by Triumph India and DJ (Digvijay) will be riding the Royal Enfield Himalayan (a fairly new bike for Royal Enfield) and this is being supplied by Eagle Rider New Delhi. We are travelling on our own route and will be riding around, it has finally been decided, Madhya Pradesh for approximately 30 days and that is what this story (and films) is all about.

The first few days after landing have been about acclimatisation because if you think you can take a 14 hour journey covering 5000 miles into a country where the oxygen levels are so different your head will spin for a while and just jump onto a motorcycle to disappear off into the distance then allow me to say……you are very much mistaken. 


You need at least a couple of days to come to terms with your surroundings, and allow your body to adjust to the environment also. Basing yourself at Formule1 in Gurgaon is an ideal location because not only is it kept to a very high standard you also have shops right outside the front door for everything you might need from food to a chemist and from a shoe shop to a mini supermarket from food and hygiene products, plus Gurgaon is an ideal location to get onto the National Highway 48 which takes you directly down to Jaipur the gateway to Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh 


On Monday I will be riding to Eagle Rider office to get the horn on Tigger the Tiger (yes the name of my Triumph is Tigger the Tiger) as riding in India without a horn is madness and to finalise everything ready for the ride down to Jaipur. On Tuesday as I am going to Pushkar animal fair having been told it is an amazing fair and for me I cannot wait to discover and share more of Incredible India with you.


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A long long time ago

digital world


A long long time ago I can still remember when the music made me smile ! - now which song is that from ?

Seriously I can remember when I first heard about digital books and thinking this is the end of print. This would be around 2005 so not that long ago really.......

However whilst we seem to be thundering along in this new digital world and please do not get me wrong the digital world enables us to connect to 'people' just about anywhere on the planet in a heartbeat........however 

To me, even though I have produced digital guides, I find they have no 'soul' 

Realistically in my own social media experience I feel I could be connecting to a robot that responds to my messages or texts because I have never met 95% of the 'people' I have 'connected' with so who is to say that isnt the case !

Back to books that have been printed where words are actually seen on paper, that can be touched, highlighted, written on, and felt ! is that not what books are all about being able to 'feel' the writers passion there on a page you actually turn !

Since printing my Lake District guide the comments I have had have left me are a few (these comments never came with my digital guides)

1. Fabulous book and videos Kevin. Makes me want to get out there and ride

2. I have just received Kevin's book and have to say how impressed I was with the professional layout and production.
It is so well illustrated and laid out, which will obviously make it a pleasure to use when I visit the area later this year. The idea of including links to videos is a great one and they too are so well produced. I have always been a fan of Kev's Facebook page too and his professionalism spills into this too. His sponsors should be pleased with themselves as well.
It is a great publication and Kevin should be so proud of himself for getting this project to this stage - well done buddy - and keep up the good work as I am so looking forward to the others!!

3. Well worth buying. 
Superbly written and the pictures are stunning. 
Loads of information in there Inc online info only available to those who buy the book.
I love it me

4. I ordered and paid for the book just prior to its release and eagerly awaited its arrival. Let me tell you it doesn't disappoint ! 
An excellent informative book which I will use to plan some new adventures and to relive Sunday trips out with my family from when I was much younger and even a school trip which must have been to Surprise View (Identifiable from photos in the book). I plan to revisit 30 odd years later . Its no excuse really as we live fairly close but Kevin`s book has inspired me to get out there reliving memories and also to make new ones !!

The rooster café looks tempting too !

5. hello Ive received your book Cumbria and the Lake District and got to say fantastic will be taking it with me next time I go up there great read and videos thanks Dave


Onwards & upwards 


Kevin J. Lear

MotorBike Riding Nutcase :-) - picture below me aged 5 on my grandads BSA Bantam and I have not stop smiling yet !!!


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Just a thought

Every day I wake up my mind thinks of a million reasons to change what I am doing 

It is not easy to ride an area, to video and talk at the same time about interesting facts........I have to get it right the first time because while riding there are no second 'takes'

Then I look at my motorbike clothing lying there and I smile because it makes me feel fantastic, putting my suit on makes me feel on top of the fact I would like to ride the world and film the ride, write about the ride and share the ride with the world 

Putting on my trousers followed by my jacket it is hard to explain how my mindset changes, how my whole stature changes and how my thoughts change to what lies ahead 

It is the strangest feeling in the world for me and I do not understand why these changes take place

I do not question them I allow them to take place and maybe it is because the suit is my suit of armour

I am so lucky to be able to do what I do 

Photo on 05 03 2017 at 09.54


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New Guidebook

Well I finally went and did it..........

For a couple of years now I have been a big believer in digital publications - they can offer links to videos, and other information BUT you do not get that touchy feely aspect as in, you don't get something for your money with digital 

Now only did I think a few years ago that digital would be the death of print, there was no way on earth I would ever return to print and the problems, anxiety and hassle of doing so

However........I was starting to listen to people asking me to produce my videos on DVD (I can't recall the last time I watched a DVD). Was this really a good choice ?

I asked around and discovered a lot of people don't even own a DVD player anymore so that option was becoming less and less interesting 

I started to look at my printed guidebooks that I stopped producing back in 2003 and my curiosity was set fire to

What about....................!!

Now, my main issue was people were watching films on their mobile devices, well I sure was and my son never has his mini iPad more than 6 inches away being glued to it permanently 

Not only that, but, I tried to author a DVD with all my content I wished to include and the quality was very......................shall we say interesting !

On mobiles devices however you could watch my films in super HD and on they were even better quality 

So................I was being told my stories were liked, my videos where liked.........EUREKA !

So the decision was taken and now the very first MotorBike Adventures of Britain printed guidebook has been produced and the feedback has been far better than I could ever imagine 

Have a look for yourself 

Not only can you ride everything I showcase in my guidebook, but you can do it all in a car too 

This is the start of something that is following trends worldwide.......printed book sales are rising once more and I believe will sky rocket again because digital has no 'soul'.............even vinyl records are making a comeback because we want 'soul' for our hard earned money 

Have a look and let me help you discover & explore Cumbria & The Lake District and have your best adventure EVER

Screen Shot 2016 12 13 at 14.07.22

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